Lakeview Elementary School in Denville, NJ
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Who is A.R. Spinola?

We often get asked why is the PTA named for A.R. Spinola? Who was he? A. Richard Spinola, or
"Spinny" as he was affectionately known, was a World War II Veteran, a beloved educator in Denville,
long time devotee to community service as a member of the Rotary, and the driving force behind the
building of Lakeview Elementary School.  

His 38-year career as an educator in the Denville School System began in 1948 as a teacher of
social studies at Main Street School. In 1952 he was appointed principal of Main Street School and
became Denville School Superintendent in 1958. After 29 years as superintendent, Mr. Spinola retired in
1986 and even after he retired, he continued to teach children as a substitute teacher.

As such, Spinny's dedication to his community and our children exemplifies what is best about
Denville and Lakeview and that is why our PTA is dedicated to him.