Lakeview Elementary School in Denville, NJ
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5th Grade Committee

5th grade is a great year, and we want to offer our students lots of fun and good memories. To do so, we need your help! Please sign up to volunteer.

The 5th Grade Committee is responsible for coordinating activities for the 5th grade class, including:

  • Yearbook
  • Class trip
  • Camp
  • 5th grade vs Teachers basketball game
  • End of year picnic

In order to make them happen, we hold the following fundraisers:

  • Snack sale fundraisers at most PTA events
  • Snack sales on minimum days
  • Pizza sales at events and on Wednesdays
  • Discount cards
  • Graduation lawn signs
  • Smencils
  • 5th grade tshirts
  • 5th fun days (inviting the school to dress up and donate a dollar on designated days!)
  • and more

Check back here for more info often!